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    Hi guys it's Symonne Harrison (aka one of@Piper Rockelle best friends)! Today the squad and I are doing last to leave the bedroom wins $10,000 challenge. I invited my crush, and the whole squad to my house to spend a whole 24 hours+ in my bedroom. We also get to bring a few items with us into the bedroom. This last to challenge is full of funny events and tasks make sure you stay tuned till the end to see who wins. Will I win my own game, or will it be my crush Ayden? Don't forget if you guys love this video and wanna see more like this LIKE, and SUBSCRIBE. Screen shot your favorite part and tag me in it on Instagram, I'll be reposting some! XOXO- Symonne
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    Hey everyone it’s Symonne Harrison, a Cleveland girl living the LA lifestyle! On my channel you will see videos with the squad, last to challenges, pranks, 24 hour challenges, fun, family, friendly, entertainment as well as videos with my Crush! I also love to vlog and share behind the scenes of glamming up, doing photoshoots, hair and makeup, and creating Instagram and Tik Tok content. Be sure to subscribe to my channel so you can follow along in my crazy KGup life and laugh as much as I do when making these videos.
    I moved from Cleveland, Ohio out to Los Angeles, California at 11 years old for my acting career. I love entertaining and creating great content to make you laugh and brighten your days. I am also a child inventor and my product is Bear On The Chair. It’s is sold in select Learning Express stores and on Amazon. Thank you for supporting me and watching my friends and I live our crazy Hollywood adventures!
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    Symonne 💋
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    1. Symonne Harrison

      Hey everyone! I'm so excited about this video because it's Cali's very first LAST TO Challenge!!! Make sure you stay till the end to see what happens. I 'm so excited about this year and I'm very thankful for all of your support. Make sure you Like and Subscribe if you haven't already!!! xoxo (woof woof)--from Cali!

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    65. KK’s Crazy Day

      I just want to say shout out to Hunter for being The editor for Symonne Liv Aiden Emily Piper Sawyer Connor Jenna and everybody else’s videos!! Leave a like for Hunter/editor P.S. Did you know that I went to all the squads channels and I hit the subscribe button so now I’m subscribe to everyone in the squad

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