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    Hi guys it's Symonne Harrison (aka one of @Piper Rockelle best friends)! In today's video you'll see extreme bite lick or nothing food challenge, disgusting. Thats right guys in todays video i challenge Piper Rockelle, and the squad to do a funny food challenge. Basically we all are given random food items that might be disgusting. We will also be given cards that will determine if we have to bite, lick, or do nothing. Brianna did this challenge and it was awesome, so i did it too. This challenge was super funny so make sure you guys stay tuned till the end of this video. Screen shot your favorite part and tag me in it on Instagram, I'll be reposting some! XOXO- Symonne
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    Hey everyone it’s Symonne Harrison, a Cleveland girl living the LA lifestyle! On my channel you will see videos with the squad, last to challenges, pranks, 24 hour challenges, fun, family, friendly, entertainment as well as videos with my Crush! I also love to vlog and share behind the scenes of glamming up, doing photoshoots, hair and makeup, and creating Instagram and Tik Tok content. Be sure to subscribe to my channel so you can follow along in my crazy KGup life and laugh as much as I do when making these videos.
    I moved from Cleveland, Ohio out to Los Angeles, California at 11 years old for my acting career. I love entertaining and creating great content to make you laugh and brighten your days. I am also a child inventor and my product is Bear On The Chair. It’s is sold in select Learning Express stores and on Amazon. Thank you for supporting me and watching my friends and I live our crazy Hollywood adventures!
    Love you so much!
    Symonne 💋
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    1. Symonne Harrison

      Hey everyone I hope you liked the video--there definitely was some crazy items we had to try! Thanks for all of the support and be sure to tell all of your friends about the video!

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