Being MEAN To My CRUSH In Front Of His Mom To See How She Reacts **PRANK**🤣😡| Symonne Harrison

Symonne Harrison

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    Hi guys it's Symonne Harrison (aka one of @Piper Rockelle best friends)! In today's video you'll see another prank on my crush, being mean to my crush in front of his mom to see how she reacts, prank. Thats right guys in this prank video my best friend Piper Rockelle and i are mean to my crush Ayden, and his mom. Stay tuned till the end of this video because Piper and i try to be really mean to see how they react, and this is hard for me because i like to be nice. For more prank videos like this please LIKE and SUBSCRIBE! Screen shot your favorite part and tag me in it on Instagram, I'll be reposting some! XOXO- Symonne
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    1. Symonne Harrison

      Hey everyone!!! Wow what a crazy video and it was soooo hard to be mean to Ayden and his mom Maria because they are the sweetest people! And for the record those brownies were amazing (I've asked her to make me some more!). Thanks for all the support on my channel all of you are amazing! Tell me your favorite part below and what other videos you want to see! Love you so much!!!

      1. Jojo VanZile

        Clifford like video symonne Harrison ❤❤😍🤟✋😊😘

      2. •P E A C H Y S K I I E S•


      3. •P E A C H Y S K I I E S•

        I don’t like your oufit Simone

      4. •P E A C H Y S K I I E S•

        @Lizzy_ Playz roblox I LOVE IT

      5. •P E A C H Y S K I I E S•

        @Lizzy_ Playz robloxI don’t like it


      OMG ILU so muuuuuch you are the best!!! your pranks are so good!

    3. Unicorngirl77

      So sad 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

    4. GTD Giselle

      Ayden look sad

    5. Penny Lade

      Those brownies look so good, I am sure they tasted delicious.

    6. Marjorie Nopaltecatl

      But me don’t have cookies 🤣

    7. PearlPlayz

      This made me cry 😢

    8. Lasitha Nyjil

      I love the ending

    9. Isatu Kamara

      so much you are so mean but is a prank🤣🤣🤣

    10. Roblox Girl

      I cried little bit because she looked so sad

    11. Solaceramics Nxsa

      Bro i felt so bad for both ayden and his mom omg😭😭

    12. Only fun tube ASMR

      Symmone LITERALLY cant be rude SHE IS ALSO SOOOO SWEET 😀 this is my first time seeing her acting rude...ILYSM

    13. Isabella Granville

      Omg 😍😍😍😍

    14. Stefanie Ozmore

      So sorry for only 60k likes

    15. Varun Mangeshkar

      Bruh, imagine how awkward Ayden and his mom feel in this situation....

    16. Myra Parmar

      Poor Ayden and his mom I feel so bad :c

    17. Nina Welch


    18. Kiyara's dolls and display's Barbie, LOL OMG

      I feel so sad for Aiden's mom I feel bad for her this prank was a good one but I didn't want to watch it I turned it off went to go watch another video then came back

    19. jhamya munnings

      omg this broke my heart i felt so bad !!

    20. Ibtisam Adde

      Hi symone I love you and I am a 👧

    21. Sarah


    22. Madalene Gillom

      Is Jenna all of the girls mom

    23. mileydi blanco

      I dont have cookeis

    24. Danneisha brown

      That was so mean she said she was going to burn it

    25. DiscretShadowTTG

      Dude that's messed up dude

    26. Robert Briones jr

      I’m still mad

    27. Robert Briones jr

      That’s so mean

    28. Mandy Jazzy

      At 3:36 if ayden's mom was me,I would feel sad and cry at that moment.

    29. Mandy Jazzy

      The editor always being funny T the beginning.

      1. Mandy Jazzy

        I mean at the beginning

    30. adorbsjayy

      “can I have a hug?” AWEEEE AHH GOVE HER A HUG NOW

    31. balcxia

      I would kill to have such a nice friend group like that! :c

    32. Nicole Garnica

      The Best

    33. Nicole Garnica


    34. Nicole Garnica


    35. Silva Richardson

      Yhyyuyy and you are going out to be on the right side and I will be a little bit of help from my parents to get the world to be on the right path and to make sure you can you can you can you can you can you can you can you can you can you can you can you can you can you can you can you can you can you can you can you can you can you can

    36. R&A Plays

      That was so sad when he said “my moms cool!” 😢

    37. Nasreen Saeidi

      At the beginning I literly wanted to jump inside the screen and give Maria a BIGG Hug 🤗 this breaks my heart this is so sad😭

    38. Azaria Walker

      Stop bye

    39. taylor buis

      when piper said that she is gonna eat all of are cookies i ate all of my cookies so you won't got my cookies

    40. Emnet T.

      I'm craving brownies now.

    41. Mukundwase Brune

      No good to prank the mother 😒

    42. Mahi Buttar

      I don’t have cookies 👁👄👁

    43. Aaliyah Saber - 5B

      when piper said if you dont like this video i am gonna come to ur house aand eat all ur cookies and that litrally what i want her to do

    44. Vicente Sanchez

      I fell so bad for them🤣😂🥲🤩🤥

    45. ꜱxɢᴀʀᴄᴏᴏᴋɪᴇᴇ

      i dont know why but when i see symonne profile i just i dont even know its so pretttttttttyy

    46. Alfie Marshman

      Omg omg omg

    47. Geraldine Barragan


      1. Geraldine Barragan


    48. Precious Adebayo


    49. Precious Adebayo

      Ayden's look really sad i feel bad for her 😪😪😥😥

    50. Nusaibah Aung


    51. Nusaibah Aung

      Omg Ayden’s mum is sooo nice and cutee #Sayden4life 💖❤️❤️

    52. Falak Mahmood

      Omg I feel bad for anyden and his mom when ayden mom said "I like ur outfit" that was sweet and symonne u really gonnna play like that. I know it was a prank but that was sad.

    53. Xavier Thijm

      Hello symonne, you make really nice KGup videos and I am a fan of you and your friends and of the whole Squad Steam really nice KGup videos and I enjoy it and love you too

    54. SolAngel hooke

      I don't have cookies

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      gib vcjncn

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    57. Ralph Playz

      Hey Symmone Hope you heart this im a Fan Of the entire squad im aGrade6student im from the philippines Hope you See This

    58. Kelsey King


    59. Naisha Bajaj

      was ayden in the prank tho??

    60. •P E A C H Y S K I I E S•

      Is it just me or should they start just a prankish channel all they ever do is pranks xD

    61. •P E A C H Y S K I I E S•

      I honestly feel rlly bad :( she seems sooo nice and. Like I mean sooo nice she does not deserve that by the look on her face she’s like so confused lol

    62. •P E A C H Y S K I I E S•

      I’m not a a lover 👩‍❤️‍👨

    63. ht_bkny

      your stuff sucks


      I feel so bad aydens mom is so cute 😍

    65. Glimmering Artist

      Ayden probably felt really bad when Symmone was rude to his mom 😥

    66. Annelise and Amaya Yeboah


    67. Hannah Yasin

      OMG the way Maria ran up was soooooo sweeeet I cant even that was so ❤️😖 it made me cry a little

    68. Alicia 28

      When Adydens mum said I love your outfit and then you like I’ve got a go burn it that made me cry nearly

    69. Shannon Herrick

      Symonne I love your videos and o am subscribed to you and the entire squad. I love when you prank aydan and ayden pranks you. They are so funny. You guys are the best.

    70. Aisha Ajanaku

      I like how hunter said the brownies where bad but he was eating it

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      It's okay, it's okay I'm Simone crush's mom

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    75. gisel Andrade

      The mom is pretty but her bangs

    76. Vlogs with Kevia

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      stuipe video ever

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      This is so bad” i’m just gonna take it..... i’m just going to throw out here😆😆😂🤣😅

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      I feel bad for aiden

      1. Zaza haidar


    85. Annelise and Amaya Yeboah


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      The mom was tryna be so nice omg my hart melted 😭😭😭

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      i am so glad that you and ayden are dating

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    92. May Ann Vallejo

      Ayden's mom is so cute i fill so bad for her and aydens

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      I love his mom

    94. Amach Thuc

      I feel so bad for Him 😣😣😣

    95. None User

      Hi symonne

    96. Flip Squad

      Symonne is stupid for doing that

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